Repairing a punctured tyre can be a hectic job. We all need a quick service which can fix a punctured tyre in a few minutes so we can be back to doing whatever it was we were at. We are serving our valued customers by providing quick tyre repair services.

Car puncture is of the most common problem faced by a car owner. Whether it’s a short travel on a smooth & flat surface or a long travel on a sloppy road, it’s always necessary to check your tyre before you take out your car for travel. Following are some signs which indicate a punctured tyre.

  • Your car indicates alarms by a trying to steer away from a straight travel path.
  • Your vehicle vibrates unusually
  • Your steering wheel requires more effort to keep the car straight.
  • You hear a noise which wasn’t there before.
  • Sometimes, you can actually have pedestrians wave at you to indicate something is wrong.

Once you have come to know that a tyre is punctured, you must have it immediately replaced or repaired. A punctured tyre does not only harm itself but can also harm your life.

Most of the time, it is easy enough to replace a car tyre by yourself or you can opt to get our assistance in case of tyres that could be difficult to remove as we provide mobile tyre repair service as well.

How to use a Puncture repair Kit?

  1. Lift off your punctured wheel and remove it
  2. Inspect the tyre and find the puncture
  3. Use micro-view tools (available with most of the kits) to find the puncture
  4. Apply the glue available in puncture kit
  5. Patch up that hole and cover it with completely
  6. Put the tube back in place

Most of the modern cars sold nowadays are without a spare wheel in the boot, as they are equipped with puncture repair kits instead. Overall this is very simple kit to use and it will take you less time than fitting a spare wheel in your car.

Puncture Repair Service:

It is always handy to have a car tyre puncture repair service provider information available as not every puncture can be repaired by self-effort rather sometimes we need expert mechanical service to fix it.

Temporary fixes:

A punctured tyre can be used after using some of the temporary commercial puncture repair solutions available. The solutions such as tyre welds and repair kits can work to repair a tyre temporarily but it should never be seen as a permanent fix. After using a temporary fix and getting on the road, the tyre should be inspected and fixed by a professional puncture repair service provider at the first available opportunity.

There are some very serious consequences of continuing to use a tyre after a temporary fix. Continuous usage can not only damage the tyre permanently so that it won’t be in a position to be used anymore but can cause serious accidents as well. You can always bring your punctured tyres to us and our experts will assist you and repair a punctured tyre.

Long term fixes:

A permanent and durable repair is a long lasting solution. It covers the deep punctures and the tyre can be used again. You can book an appointment to get it fixed at a time that is suitable for you or just pop in and we will attend to you. We are open 6 days a week to give required consultation about your punctured tyre. Using the safest, inside patch technology, our technicians will ensure you that your tyre is repaired with the right standards.

Our puncture repair quick service features:

We perform a complete repair by using a tyre repair patch. Once it is complete then our technicians also re-balance the tyre and rim assembly and reset the tyre pressure monitoring system (TPMS), if applicable.

Correct Tyre Maintenance (CTM) will be an applicable feature of our service centers.

Drop by today for a free tyre maintenance check or simply request a time that best suites you.