Is it time to change your tyres? These are some of the signs that you might need new car tyres:

  • Irregularities on the tyres
  • If the tyres have any kind of blisters or bulging
  • Any kind of cuts or scraping on the tyres
  • When the tyre tread has worn off
  • When there is an indication of missing rubber
As a general rule, you should inspect your tyres every month (don’t forget the spare tyre!). This will ensure that you are not compromising yours and your loved one’s safety. If you have any misgivings about your tyres, we can carry out a free check for you.

At Slieverue Tyres, we pride ourselves in stocking tyres from all the major brands to suit different budgets and requirements. We cater to cars, 4X4s, as well as commercial vehicles. We understand that choosing a right tyre for your vehicle can be confusing given the different factors at play. This is why we give you free advice on what tyres are the best for your vehicle. Alternatively, you can give us a quick call to enquire about a specific tyre, and more likely than not, we will have it.

Our specialists are fully qualified and well-trained to fit tyres to your vehicle and we aim to achieve a high degree of customer satisfaction. Our experience means that we complete a proper job the first time around every time, saving you any kind of trouble down the road.