As a vehicle owner, you would like your vehicle to be pampered. At the least, you would like your car to be in a smooth working conditions withou any issues. When you buy new tyres for your vehicle, you are not only giving it that new look but also ensuring your vehicle is safe and fit for everyday travel. We at Slieverue Tyres are providing new tyres near you.

When looking to buy a new tyre, you need to know the model of your car. Equally important is the width, diameter and speed rating of the tyre. You should also choose suitable tyre according to season.

We are catering to the needs of people of Waterford and Kilkenny since 2012 and providing a wide range of new tyres relating to:

  • Passenger vehicles
  • Commercial vehicles
  • Motorcycle
  • Airless
  • Off road tyres

Some of the brands we stock:

  • BF Goodrich

We would like to mention some of the new tyres that are providing great results for car users.

Newly designed BF Goodrich KM3 mud terrain off-road tyre with core guard max technology delivers incredible grip on slick and rocky surfaces. While Rain Sport 5 by Uniroyal with shark skin technology is designed for challenging wet conditions.

Worker F2, T2, D2 and City A2 by Semperit have the following features:

  • With sharp edges
  • Block pattern
  • Low rolling noise
  • High mileage

Pirelli tyres come designed for every season, and they offer safety crossovers.

Many brands are replacing flat tyres with airless tyres. Firstly, air-free tyres using unique structure which reduces rolling resistance and gives high grip performance.

Bridgestone tyres with new designs offer a high balance for a luxury performance ride. Last but not least, Land sail tyres with advanced silica tread technology deliver stability and ride comfort.

Our passenger car tyres are manufactured in facilities with ultra-performance technology and offer the best driving experience.

We cater to a variety of vehicles and tyre types.

Above all, we guarantee competitive prices for all tyres to get the most from your budget. Also, we are providing one of the best fitting services around as well.

Furthermore, tyre technology is changing rapidly, and the quality of every newly designed tyre is thoroughly tested by the manufacturer.

A tyre label system checks for:

  • Fuel efficiency
  • Wet and dry grip
  • External rolling noise
  • Durability
  • Mileage
  • Traction
  • Stability
  • Aquaplaning
  • Brake performance
  • Speed
  • Capacity of load

We do not sell part-worn tyres currently. It is common to see shops selling part-worn tyre, but with used tyres it is difficult to provide any kind of guarantee and there is always a risk.

Part-worn tyres can come with bumps and generally have a low load carrying capacity/strength.

Therefor our advice is to always buy new tyres when you can. We are also providing free NCT tyre check service and other services such as:

  1. Puncture repairing
  2. Wheel balancing
  3. Four-wheel alignment
  4. Expert advice and free consultation

Where to buy all-season tyres with unique designs?

When looking for new design tyres, do not forget to look at . We have an extensive range of tyres in all sizes for all seasons, and we provide quick tyre change along with other services. Not only do we save you money but you save time as well.