Punctures are a very common kind of car/tyre trouble. Look out for some of the following puncture signs:

  • Shudders in the steering wheel
  • Difficulty steering
  • The car is getting pulled towards one side
It is never safe to drive your car with a punctured tyre. Always change the tyre or use a puncture repair kit if your car has one before continuing to drive.

Not all punctures are repairable. As a rule of thumb any puncture to the shoulder or sidewall of the tyre cannot be repaired. On the other hand, punctures on the tread of a tyre must be inspected to see if a repair is needed.

When you bring your punctured tyre to us at Slieverue Tyres, our qualified and trained technicians will carry out an inspection on the tyre to look for bead wire distortion, rubber distortion, excessive wear and any kind of impact damage. Where the puncture is not repairable, we will advise you as to the best type of new tyres for your car.

All puncture repairs at Slieverue Tyres use the safest technology available to ensure that strict safety standards are met.