According to the RSA, between the years 2008-2013, tyres were consistently one of the top three failure items at NCT/VRT. Regular tyre maintenance ensures your tyres are always ready for the test.

At NCT/VRT your vehicles tyres are checked against three broad categories:

  1. Tyre condition
  2. Tyre specification
  3. Tyre tread
Some of the things tyres are inspected for are tread depth (it should be a minimum 1.6 mm), condition, and the presence of ‘E’ mark for European type approval. If the tyres are older than 6 years or the tread depth is less than 3mm, you will be informed about it. This is classed as “pass advisory” item. Your car will not fail NCT/VRT in this case but you will be advised that your tyres may need to be changed soon.

At Slieverue Tyres, we offer you a free check on your tyres. Before you go for your NCT/VRT, have your tyres checked by our qualified and trained technicians. If the tyres need to be replaced, we will recommend the best option for your vehicle.