Tyres are very important component of a vehicle for a safe drive. There are many places around us which sell tyres. Before going to a shop to buy tyres, make sure you are comfortable with their level of expertise and their ability to deliver what they promise. We are here to help you find the best quality tyres and the ones that are most suited for your needs within your budget. We provide you a complete solution to resolve your issues of searching for tyres around you. When buying new tyres, it is important to be able to trust you tyre shop. It is advisable to not buy tyres from a shop which cannot provide you the important and critical information about your vehicles tyres as well as some tips on the safety aspects. We are here to support you on your search for tyres near you.

Functions of Tyres:

Tyres perform following functions:
  • Vehicles weight is supported by the tyres.
  • Acceleration is smooth and good tyres provide a strong road grip.
  • We can control steering and directions through tyres.
We always recommend to our valued customers to keep an eye on the tyre pressure information. We advise our customers to check tyres condition at least once a month, because a worn out or defective tyre can easily cause an accident that can be life threatening.

Another thing about tyres is that they have a shelf life to work safe and sound. Safe working also needs correct tyre pressure. Tyres are very important in overall safe travelling and general working of a vehicle. If you have a long journey, it is even more important to check that the tyre pressue is correct.

Most of the shops may tell you “how to check and when to check” . Our aim is to provide all the best related information of tyres around you which you must be aware of.

Quality Tyres In Your Budget:

There are many places around where you can get your vehicles tyres changed. At Slieverue tyres we only provide you with the best quality. Generally we provide tyres for all types of vehicles. Please don’t hesitate to call and enquire about your particular requirements. Some categories of tyres we provide are:

  • Summer Tyres
  • Winter Tyres
  • 4x4 Tyres
  • Run Flat Tyres
You can always find a quality tyre for your vehicle within your budget with us.

As mentioned on our homepage, we offers a wide range of branded tyres.


Best Services Provided by Our Company:

We provide all types of tyre services including:

  • New Tyres Fitted
  • Puncture Repair
  • Wheel Balancing
  • Free Pre-NCT Tyre Check
  • 3D Four Wheel Alignment
We aim for cusomter satisfaction and the numerous reviews on Google and Facebook page are a testimony to this. We make all the effort of providing customers with the best quality tyres, expert free advice, excellent customer services, and reasonable prices.

All the other shops will claim the same but why you should choose us?

Customer Satisfaction is Our First Priority:

We have a qualified staff to guide you properly. They are trained and competent in what they do and are always available to accommodate customer needs.

We assure you of the best quality services and will provide you free advice about tyre maintenance and which tyre is the best for your vehicle. It saves customers time and prevents them from any kind of trouble while traveling.

We always keep stock available and always provide services within the required budgets of our customers.

Our trained technician always uses high quality 3D technology carry out wheel alignment. Our qualified and trained technicians always use the safest technology available at our company to ensure our strict safety standards are met.

We provide our best quality services for all types of cars, 4x4, vans and other commercial vehicles.

Our shop has plenty of tyres in stock and a range of tyres to suit everyone’s budget. All the tyres are fitted out by professional technicians, knowledgeable and friendly team. Our customers trust us and majority of them keep coming back.