Used tyres are commonly known as part-worn tyres. Used or part-worn tyres are tyres that were previously fitted in a vehicle and are now being offered for sale as second-hand tyres.

A commonly asked question is that is it safe to buy used tyres?

The answer to that question depends on the condition of the used tyre and whether it has undergone a check to ensure it is safe for driving. Most of the times a used tyre would offer a good compromise between the price and lifespan of a tyre.

There are some advantages to buying a used tyre. We will try and address them here:

Cost effective:

One of the most obvious advantage of purchasing a used tyre is that it will be cheaper than buying a new tyre. Sometimes, you can get them for as little as half the price of a new tyre.


Buying a used tyre for your vehicle is also good for the environment. Rather than the tyre going to waste, it will be put to use again. This will lead to less demand for newer tyres and will be overall good for the environment.

Good for buying a single tyre:

Sometimes you only need to change one tyre on your vehicle. This could be when a tyre gets badly damaged during a puncture that it needs replacement or if it burst due to some collision/ accident.

In this case it would make sense to replace that tyre with a used tyre to match the life of other tyres in the vehicle. This will save you money as well as when the time comes to change the tyres, you will be able to change them all at once to be sure about road worthiness of all the tyres on your vehicle.

Despite the above-mentioned advantages of buying a used tyre for your vehicle, it would probably be better for you if you purchased new tyres. The reason being that used tyres have to be thoroughly inspected to ensure their road worthiness. If you can inspect a tyres condition, then it could be a great choice. But, if you are in doubt then it is probably best to stick to new tyres.

At Slieverue Tyres, we are no longer selling part-worn/ used tyres. However, in the past whenever we stocked them it was our policy to only sell tyres that we had inspected ourselves and considered good to be on the road.

If you are going to buy used tyres for your vehicle, below are the things you should look out for:

  • Tyre tread:

    The minimum legal depth of tyre tread is 1.6mm. Therefore it is very important that you check the tyre tread depth. Additionally, if it is close to 1.6mm then really how many miles can you get out of that tyre?

  • Tyre age:

    A tyre that is too old can be a safety liability. A tyre that is older than six years will get you ‘pass advisory’ on your NCT. This means that it is highly recommended to have it replace.

  • Overall condition:

    Be vigilant and look out for defects such as sidewall bulges, tears and exposed pile. Also, check if the tyre has had previous repairs.

  • Tyre pressure:

    When buying a used tyre, make sure that the tyre is inflated to correct pressure when fitting. As correct pressure can expose tyre’s condition if it is not good.

So, in summary, used tyres can be a good option to consider for your vehicle if you need only one tyre. At the same time, you should be able to ask the right questions from the seller and be able to inspect the tyre before purchasing.

We currently do not sell part-worn or used tyres at Slieverue Tyres but you can always contact us for your tyre needs. You might be surprised by some of the prices that we have for new tyres. We can also advise you and consult you regarding any questions that you have specific to your vehicle’s tyre needs.