What exactly is wheel balancing?

Essentially, wheel balancing is the balancing of the tyre and the wheel assembly where the weight distribution is uneven. The consequences of an imbalance are not notable at slow speed but when an improperly balanced wheel assembly spins at a high speed, it causes vibration. This is not only uncomfortable for the driver but can lead to dangerous situations.

At Slieverue Tyres, we offer wheel balancing on all of our new tyres. This means that our qualified technician will put the wheel and tyre assembly onto the machine. Based on the readings our technician will then expertly balance your wheel. This will ensure that your tyres will not vibrate when traveling at high speeds.

Any vibration whilst driving could be an indication of a wheel imbalance. If you experience this, do not hesitate to bring your car in for a
check-up. Some of the benefits of having a properly balanced wheel are worth mentioning here:

  • You will increase your tyres’ life
  • Greater comfort whilst driving
  • No unnecessary stress on other parts of the car/ vehicle